“Susie is that rare combination of design skill and conceptual acumen that makes for outsized impact.  She's inhabited our brand and brings it to life not only visually but also with messaging and copy ideas that sharpen our voice.  She's clever as hell, willing to challenge for a better result and has a flair for the irreverent and unexpected.”

Robert Morton
Co-founder and Head of Marketing

“Susie's really f'ing great at what she does - branding, both strategic and tactical - and I would absolutely jump at the chance to work with her again. We collaborated directly on multiple projects over 4+ years at Territory, spanning identity, service design (print, signage, physical → digital conversion), and UX/UI for web + mobile apps. We'd review + critique each other's work, always leaving each other in a much better place. Her most powerful ability is how she connects with people (audiences, customers, teammates) on a deeply human level... that understanding elevates every piece of her work. I loved how she always challenged me to think more clearly about our customers and how our product fit into their beliefs about themselves. Before we worked together, I had admired the branding for handful of local businesses where I lived (Kaizen, Society Fair, Trident CrossFit.) Only later I realized Susie was the one responsible for them!”

Paul Mederos, former Tech Wizard

"Over the past year, I worked very closely with the marvelous Susie. She played a major role in executing the marketing vision and continuously elevating our brand. She is smart, thoughtful and just really fun to work with. She made every campaign shine with creative direction and brand purpose. She understood who we were at her core but always reminded us to keep chasing who we want to become. We are a better company for having spent time with her." 

Philippe Chetrit,
Head of Growth


“Being seen. Being remembered. Both are vital in today’s market place which is why Susie’s talents have played such an instrumental role in the success of momme meals.  We needed a brand that would be simple and clean but distinctive and memorable, and which conveyed the quality of our product as well as the values of our company. Susie delivered with an outstanding logo, print materials and packaging. Rarely a week goes by where I am not complimented on our logo, graphics, website and/or print pieces. Susie’s ability to take who we are and turn it into something that leaves a lasting impression has been immeasurable.”

Owner & Chef, mommemeals


“A special thank you to Susie Acheson for her ability to take a vision and roll with it. The most fantastic graphic designer we've ever met.”

Owner, Society Fair, Restaurant Eve


“Susie is effing awesome. Anyone who hires her is lucky, because you can't put a price on art. She adds that intangible something, a sense of quality and value, to every brand she touches. In addition Susie provides excellent leadership and inspiration for creatives fortunate enough to work for her. I will continue to hire with Susie again and again because she is simply the best.”

Producer, Futurist, Writer. and former President and COB, American Greetings Interactive


“Susie has been both a mentor and an inspiration in the time I have had the pleasure of working with and for her. Not only is she an incredibly talented graphic designer (in every medium), but she has a thorough understanding of the key role that excellent graphic presentation plays in the success of a company and the best ways to utilize it. During her tenure at ink2, Susie did everything from the complete redesign of our cardstore.com website (the core of our business), down to creating a lot of the very best cards we sell, all while holding one of the most senior management positions at the company. She revamped the corporate identity of both of our brands, did both the design and the copy writing on all of our marketing, and built our card personalization ui from the ground up, at the same time as playing a key role in steering the business development and strategy of the company. Susie really did it all and did it well. She is one of the most hard-working and dedicated people i have ever known and would be an asset to any employer that has the good fortune to hire her.”

Director of Content & Merchandising at PlanetArt.com


“Susie was an amazing and talented creative leader at AmericanGreetings.com. Her web development and design techniques were on-trend, modern and relevant to our consumer base. Her work ethic and passion for the business was second to none. Susie was a pure pleasure to work with and continues to be a creative inspiration to all of whom she engages.”

VP, Corporate Innovation, American Greetings Interactive