“Susie is that rare combination of design skill and conceptual acumen that makes for outsized impact.  She's inhabited our brand and brings it to life not only visually but also with messaging and copy ideas that sharpen our voice.  She's clever as hell, willing to challenge for a better result and has a flair for the irreverent and unexpected.”

Robert Morton
Co-founder and Head of Marketing, Territory Foods


“Being seen. Being remembered. Both are vital in today’s market place which is why Susie’s talents have played such an instrumental role in the success of momme meals.  We needed a brand that would be simple and clean but distinctive and memorable, and which conveyed the quality of our product as well as the values of our company. Susie delivered with an outstanding logo, print materials and packaging. Rarely a week goes by where I am not complimented on our logo, graphics, website and/or print pieces. Susie’s ability to take who we are and turn it into something that leaves a lasting impression has been immeasurable.”

Kristen Bocanegra
Owner & Chef, mommemeals


The Society Fair folks brought me in when the location was still being gutted and built, to design a logo, consult on the brand, do signage, and develop a “visual library” to use for packaging, menus, and dozens of other applications. I also designed the web site and consulted on interior design, as well as writing copy.

“A special thank you to Susie Acheson for her ability to take a vision and roll with it. The most fantastic graphic designer we've ever met.”

Meshelle Armstrong
Owner, Society Fair